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Good day everyone! I am PERLITA DE GUZMAN COSTA, 42, Married with 2 kids. I am a graduate of BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN NURSING and previously worked as a SCHOOL NURSE AND A TRAINED TEACHER. I Provide care to students and staff who need emergency care. Develop plans and implementation in terms of health care and initiates a referral during emergency cases and most importantly, I conduct and teach health education to students and admin staff as well. I am a trained teacher that handles classes in Nursery/kindergarten or the beginner level and grade level 1-3. I provide a variety of materials and resources for children to explore. Teach basic skills such as colors, numbers, alphabet recognition, sounds, and pronunciation, read books to entire classes and organize the activities that designed to promote the physical, mental and social development such as games, arts and crafts, music and storytelling and field trips.

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